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Our Story

Who We Are

Local, family-owned and operated, A Friend at Home provides 24/7 in-home care tailored to your needs. The goal of A Friend at Home is to be an unwavering advocate and a one-stop shop resource for seniors and their families. We strive to provide exceptional care that not only meets our clients needs but also uplifts the spirit. Together, we can navigate this journey with compassion, support, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families.

We are devoted to helping seniors and those with disabilities remain at home safely, happily, and with dignity intact. Our team is committed to partnering with your family and medical care providers to fill the gap in your care needs. Communication and collaboration are our pledges. We strive to be different than other agencies through the quality of care we provide and our solution-oriented approach to care. We are here to help alleviate stress in your life. Let our team become part of your team so that you can spend time on the moments that count.

My Story

That’s me in the picture, the one with the toothy smile, happily sitting next to my amazing grandmother. She was much more than just a grandmother; she was my second mother, a source of boundless love and care. She possessed a magical ability to lull me to sleep with gentle back-tickles, and we would often break into spontaneous singing and dancing in the kitchen, creating memories that remain etched in my heart. When I was unwell, she was always there, tending to me with a loving touch that brought comfort and healing. And whenever I needed guidance, her wise words would light my path. Throughout her life, my grandma was a dedicated caregiver, nurturing not just her family but anyone who needed her warmth and support.

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As she reached her later years, we struggled to find the kind of care she truly deserved.  Her strong sense of pride and fear of burdening others had concealed the extent of assistance she needed. It was during this challenging time that a profound realization struck me. Families facing similar circumstances deserved a better solution. The journey of caring for a loved one can be demanding and overwhelming, and sometimes, we all need a helping hand. That’s when I decided that I wanted to try to provide my community with a better option, and a Friend at Home was created.

The core of our mission is to provide care that not only tends to physical needs but also assures our beloved seniors that they are cherished. One of my favorite quotes that my grandma would recite was: “Books will give you knowledge, but only time will give you wisdom.” And so, our company’s aspiration is to offer care that not only helps the entire family, but also celebrates the rich tapestry of life that our seniors have woven and the wisdom they depart on us all. Through our services, we want to honor the invaluable contributions of our elders, letting them know that their existence has gifted us immeasurable joy and wisdom and now it’s time for us to provide the help they deserve.

We aim to create a community where seniors are doted on, respected, and supported, embodying the idea that every life, every story, is a precious gift to be treasured. In memory of my beloved grandma, we endeavor to be the compassionate village that surrounds families, to ensure that seniors can embrace their golden years with dignity, love, and the knowledge that they are an integral part of our lives—a gift that enriches us all.